Almost Home

Catherine and I got back to the airport first after lunch, filed our flight plan, then took off for Victoria (our airport of entry back into Canada).  Getting the Stuart Island arrival, I realized that this would be the first time in many years to be landing an airplane in Victoria International.  Now you need to remember that our home airport is 1520’x30′, so setting up for final for a 7000’x200′ is a little bit of a mind re-think.  To top it off, there was a dash-8 on final underneath us for a crossing runway while we were on the downwind leg, and he touched down on the intersection right where I had been planning to land myself.

I put on some power, and extended my touchdown point to a couple thousand feet further down, Catherine did her slide out of the way maneuver and I greased it in.  We pulled off by the Shell aerocentre and parked in front of the customs office.  Kevin taxied in after us (we beat him for once) and after a few minutes wait, realized the Canada customs wasn’t coming, so as per the instructions, phoned in an arrival report, got a report number, and prepped for the final leg back to Duncan.

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