Capernwray Flyby

After the great time visiting the BC Aviation Museum, We got back in the plane for our return trip back to Duncan.

Our son was on a weekend visit to a camp on Thetis Island, so we planned on departing Victoria to the north, and flying over to see if we could see him.

I made a mistake in my planning, and forgot to get the required VFR code prior to engine start, so Victoria clearance/delivery reminded me of the appropriate protocol, gave me a new code, and handed me off to ground for taxi.  The takeoff went well, and flying the Stuart Island departure, we were radar identified, and cleared enroute.

Levelling off at 2000′, I swung the nose towards Thetis Island and the Capernwray camp.  We cleared Victoria’s control zone, and as we got closer, started the descent to “sightseeing altitude”.  We arrived at 1000′ just as we approached the camp’s dock/beach area, but we couldn’t see anyone outside.  I made one circle overhead, and then pointed our nose towards Duncan in a cruise climb over the water.

We shot “the gap” at 1500′, announced our intentions, then crossed midfield.  The windsocks were pretty much dead, so I set up for rwy 31 (slight uphill, and less taxiing required to our hangar).  I was a little low on base, adjusted, and made a respectful landing.  In retrospect, I must have left some power on for the rollout, as it wasn’t slowing down as quickly as I expected, but all in all it was a great flight.  We put it to bed for the night and headed home!

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