Disappointing Day

We had the monthly club meeting at the airport, so I went up a few hours early to try and get the com radio finished up.

First letdown was in the attempt to disconnect the existing radio.  The antenna wire isn’t a twist disconnect type, so when I need to tear it out, it will be literal 🙁  Of course I found all this after spending a half hour getting the little wooden box out of the plane so I could look at the back of the radio unit.  Got all that re-installed after the next letdown…

Second letdown was when I went to hook up the new radio.  Ignoring the complicated wiring for the PTT, intercom, etc, I just thought I would hook up the power and ground to see the LCD at least come alive, then I’d start running wires etc.  Sadly, I hooked up the two wires, hit the switch, but nothing happened 🙁

This radio came out of a friend’s plane that is being rebuilt, but he was sure it worked before he pulled it.

So in frustration, I spent some time removing the radio and what wiring I had in place, and sulked off to the meeting…  I will try connecting it up to a battery on the bench before I try it in the plane again, no sense running wires and scraping knuckles for just a bench test.

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