First Annual – Day Eight

Tonight was the night to finish off the eyebrow cowls re-install, and get the new wiring for the starter etc…

I got the last doubler shaved down to size, and Catherine wanted to give pop-rivetting a try.  She did great, and the eyebrow cowls are now re-installed (one more thing off the list).

The big project for the night was the pressing need to completely replace the way the master switch was configured, and at the same time, run new (proper gauge) wire to the starter solenoid/starter.  Kevin (the pres of the DFC and in whom’s hanger I’m squatting for this annual) had done three perfect drawings for me to follow, and it was just a matter of following each step.  This took several hours to complete, as every connection was fraught with trials along the way, but with Catherine’s help and encouragement, we got it finished.

I have to say, if you own/operate an airplane, have your spouse or significant other (even the kids) get involved (if they want of course).  One, they will understand a little better why you’re spending the time at the airport, and two, they’ll be an even bigger part of your life.  It was really cool teaching Catherine how to pop-rivet, and having her cut heat shrink to length, hold the lighter, help crimp on the connectors was all great!

The only downer (not counting the expected skinned knuckles, broken fingernails etc.) on the night was that when I went to hit the switch, nothing happened 🙁  I re-checked my connections from stem to stern, but the late hour probably didn’t help in my inability to find my error.  Rather than leave a potential electrical problem connected till I can get it looked at, we disconnected the two battery leads and headed home at midnight.


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