First Annual – Day Ten

This was a great day on the “annual”.  The big pieces went back on the plane today!

I was given a new (to me) compass for the rear (my) cockpit, so Catherine and I wrestled that onto the plane.  We then made the rounds getting the inspection covers cleaned and back on the plane.

The best part was putting the top fairings back on the plane.  It’s been over a month since the plane has been put together in one piece, and if you can ignore the droopy ailerons, it’s finally back together.  The added bonus is that the engine is running great, and after the next day’s work, it will be back in the air!


First Annual – Day Ten — 1 Comment

  1. Steve…Greetings from Frankfurt!

    GREAT news, Concrete Fly In here you come. I’ll finish the aileron bearings Thursday night. We’ll need dual inspections before you go flying. Welcome to aircraft ownership!

    On a lighter note, gotta get Ashton to work paint stripping and cleaning the Stearman fuselage skins after Concrete.

    Cheers Kevin.

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