GPS Installed

On the flight home from Indus, I mounted the GPS on top of the dash with one of the mounts it came with, but it was designed to be a flight-yoke clamp, and stuck pretty much right in my face for the whole trip.  Not a great location if I had a rough landing, groundloop etc.

Today, the plan was two-fold;  first get the dash-mount installed for the GPS, and second, get the new radio installed in the dash.

The new radio is a nice microair 2-1/4″ in-dash, so I sacrificed (temporarily) the compass and got it installed in it’s place.  The compass moved up to the front cockpit (I need to add basic instruments up there anyway).

The transponder mount went in ok as well, but I will need to redo the entire dash in the future to better allocate space.

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