Home from the Fly-In

Leaving Victoria, is a bit different for folks who aren’t familiar with a major airport, but the steps are:

  • Call the folks at Kamloops FSS on the telephone to get your squawk code
  • Call clearance/delivery by radio to get the appropriate departure
  • Call ground for taxi clearance
  • Call inner tower for takeoff permission
  • After takeoff and through 1000′, switch over to outer tower

After those steps, we were across the water and nearing Duncan, so radar services were terminated, and we were cleared enroute.

Kevin took off before us, so were pretty much following him to Duncan.  He crossed midfield and reported a “slight” tailwind for runway 31, but that the second windsock was calm.  I made the ultimate pilot mistake, I took his info, and didn’t verify it for myself crossing overhead and joining downwind for 31 after him.  By the time we turned onto final, the wind had kicked up a bit, and the slight tailwind was a good 5-10 kts giving me a pretty hot landing and with some judicious braking, we stopped in time, and taxied back to our hanger.


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  1. Really glad that you had me leaning down to the right. Missed the whole landing. Felt it, but didn’t see it. The worst part of this, is everyone who is at the airport is watching……talk about peer pressure!!!

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