Nanaimo Flying Club Open House

The president of our flying club was asked to present his kind of lecture about radial engines. He owns half of a Beaver and is rebuilding a Stearman. Many of us loaded up our planes to attend the neighbouring flying club‘s meeting for the day. I was asked to bring along my laptop and projector for the talk as well.

My electronic gear got transported in a ground based vehicle while I fired up the Spacewalker II for the flight. Kevin flew up in his friend’s borrowed Stearman.

The flight was great, just a quick half hour jaunt. Kinda sad to be alone but Catherine had stuff to do today. There was a lowish cloud layer (2000′) and carb ice was a certain possibility along the route. Sure enough, after climbing to 1500’ and levelling off I did a quick carb ice check and had already picked up a bit.

After clearing the local airspace around Duncan (CAM3), shooting the gap and then the northern practice area, I gave Nanaimo FSS (CYCD) a call. They radar identified me, gave me the skinny on some traffic ahead (other DFC folks) and I reported that I would be joining right base for rwy 34.


The landing was uneventful, I’m starting to figure this plane out I guess. Taxiing to the NFC area I was marshalled in by those fellow DFC folks who had landed ahead of me.


The talk and social time afterwards were great. Kevin was giving rides in the Stearman as I got my plane all ready to go. I bid farewell to Nanaimo FSS and took off for Duncan. Most folks were behind me so it was a simple crossing of midfield and joining downwind left for rwy 31.

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