New Dash Layout Finished

Well, after a few months of going back and forth, I’ve finally come up with the new layout for the dash!

Pilot’s Dash Layout

All the instruments are what the plane came with except for the new COM, TXPR, GPS, and the Hobbs.  Reason for the Hobbs is that the one on the tach is erroneous at best and I’m getting tired of stop-watching each flight…

The reason for the new COM and TXPR is that the existing TXPR is dead and I fly right under two terminal areas and right up against the Can/US border, so to go pretty much anywhere, I need mode-C.  The existing COM is ancient, and sits by my right hip.  When I pull out the existing TXPR and COM I’ll have two great map pockets 🙂

On the left of this panel, the fuel display and associated switch lets me see each of the three tanks.  Radios are straight forward as mentioned above.  The PTT is for the intercom as a VOX intercom is not the best for open-cockpit flying…  The radio PTT is thumb operated on the stick of course.

On the center panel, the AUX is a cigarette lighter type jack for powering the GPS (AERA 550).  There’s a second jack under the seat for trickle-charging the battery.  I’m moving the mic/phone jacks to the dash, right now they are also under the seat and my legs are putting pressure on them.  There is the dual control fuel pump switch (fuel transfer pumps to the header tank), and the boost pump.  I’m adding a boost pump indicator light.  Breakers are to the right of the slip indicator.

The right side of the panel is pretty straight forward.

I wanted all the in-flight stuff set up for the left hand so I can keep my right hand on the stick as much as possible while in flight (thought it flies very well hands off, very light and pleasant to fly).  I’m still debating moving the starter button to the void on the left panel so that I have one hand on the mags and the other on the starter (where I can quickly drop down to the throttle quadrant if needed).

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